News about Reform Stamford and our candidates from The Stamford Advocate:


10/12/17 - "Stamford reform Democrats continue ‘shaking up the system’"

10/4/17 - "Democratic Party leader declines recount in Stamford primary loss"

9/22/17 - "Top Stamford reps won’t seek re-election, leaving behind a century of collective experience"

9/19/17 - "Second Stamford primary election narrowed to two candidates"

9/12/17 - "Stamford turnout surprises as primary candidates draw on larger electorate pool"

9/8/17 - "New group of Stamford Dems gears up for first primary fight"

8/17/17 - "Angela Carella: Stamford candidates seek to end political status quo"

7/21/17 - "Group of Stamford Democrats, seeking to unseat incumbents, band together to force primaries"